Improving the emotional and physical health of adolescents and equipping them with the critical skills to become leaders of change.

We Wake

“We Wake” is our ten-day adolescent wellness program in which we educate children ages 13-15 years about adolescent health. Through open and honest dialogue coupled with reflective activities, we help teenagers understand and deal with issues related to sexuality, puberty, mental and physical health, peer pressure, addiction, abuse, and many other sensitive topics.


In the past 8 years, we are proud to say we have worked with over 130 schools in various neighborhoods across Pune.
Here is a glimpse of the communities we have reached



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Change Stories

A school approached Step Up Foundation to work with a group of children from 8th and 9th standard to plant the seeds of scientific knowledge in their minds. During the 10 day workshop with the entire group, the counsellor identifies a few children who require support and individual attention. The Step Up counsellor shares a one on one conversation with the students. The students start enjoying the process of talking to someone without any judgements. Following the intervention, the mother of a student approached Step Up and expressed her utmost gratitude to the team. Her son, who would earlier mock girls and make fun of the process of menstruation, has evolved to become respectful and empathetic.

A young vibrant student from Sadhana Girls High School,Hadapsar, was a part of the We Lead pilot program. Two months into the intervention and the student approached Step Up to ask how she could display leadership qualities beyond the school premises. The counsellors shared a list of questions for her to identify the most pressing problem in the community. One week after the discussion the student discovered that young girls in her community were not aware of the difference between a good touch and a bad touch. She decided that she would initiate the conversations with the young girls discussing ways to identify a bad touch and various preventative measures to ensure safety

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